"The Phoenix Lights is a compelling and thoroughly documented account of the most bizarre and widely observed UFO event in modern time."
-Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D Capt USN (ret), Apollo astronaut

"In her excellent book entitled 'The Phoenix Lights', Dr. Lynne takes the reader from what would be considered by skeptics as impossible and makes it seem quite plausible."
-Robert B. Usdane Retired President, Arizona State Senate

"The research Dr. Kitei has done to create this astonishing book is monumental. The message is clear, concise, and compelling."
-Gladys Taylor McGarey, M.D., MD(H) Scottsdale Holistic Medical Group

"This thought-provoking, deeply personal investigation of the Phoenix Lights is told in a gripping, engaging style. Dr. Kitei's story takes the reader on an incredible journey of discovery and revelation. We're lucky to have such an articulate and perceptive woman tell the story of an event that the government, to this day, denies ever happened."
-Paul Cook, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer Department of English, Arizona State University

"As the originator of much of the footage and still images of the objects that hovered over Phoenix, Dr. Kitei's logical mind, forethought and clear thinking has resulted in invaluable and unarguable evidence to support the Phoenix Lights phenomenon. This self-confessed novice to the field has provided a pertinent reminder of an approach to Ufology that many researchers seem to have forgotten - UFO's exist and they may be far more connected to us than we realize. Perhaps it is time to stop focusing on what we can see and focus on what we can feel."
-Lee Earle, BA, Dip EdPub, Editor, UFO Encounter (UFORQ, Australia)

"Dr. Lynne's boundless efforts into her own search for truth were extremely important and are well presented in this publication. Miss this publication and miss out."
-Eye Magazine

"Dr. Lynne's book provides a detailed account of a momentous incident, which will not only be of inestimable value to Ufologists but also provide comfort to those who have had a convincing UFO sighting themselves and have questions they need to answer. This is not just a book for "UFO buffs" though, being authored with such clarity of thought and expression, it is a book that should be a fascinating read for everyone. In fact, it probably should be read by everyone!"


"I just finished reading "The Phoenix Lights" by Dr. Lynne D. Kitei. At the time of the phenomenon known as The Phoenix Lights, Ka and I were spending the week-end at our 40 acre desert retreat watching the Hale-Bopp commet. So, we missed all the excitement of that spectacular sighting in Phoenix and other cities. By every standard used to measure volume of people witnessing a UFO sighting, The Phoenix Lights has to rank as number one in this country. And Dr. Lynne has done a superb job researching the possible origin of the "lights". I put lights in quotes because this story is much, much greater than "lights."

If you find you don't have much time to read and can only squeeze one book per month into your busy schedule, do yourself a favor and read this book. From it, you will gain a broaded perspective of the world we live in and some of the warnings signs about the path our careless consumption is following.

Our Native Americans have a statement that I think we all need to follow. It is a simple statement and can be quickly dismissed, but if you stop and decide to apply it to your daily life, you will be amazed at how insightful our Frst Americans are. You may think this statement is too simple to mean anything to you, but try applying it consistantly for one full day and at the end of the day, see if it made a difference in your life. Here is the phrase: "Pay Attention"

And in a way, The Phoenix Lights are about us paying attention to what is going on around us, every single day. Pay attention and you will begin to notice objects and "events" you dismissed completely from your concern. It is your concern. This is the only home we have. We HAVE to take care of it.

My hands come together for you, Dr. Lynne!"

-Keith Graves
February 15 at 12:05am

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